Big Brook Blog!
I've put this page together for you, the collector, to post your collecting images and your finds made at Big Brook and the other local streams in the area.  You can email me the pictures, a description and date of what was found, as well as your explorations, and I will post them to this page.
I will start off this page with some things that I found at Big Book on a trip that I and several of my friends took on 07/25/09.  There were quite a few people on the trip that had never been to the site so most of the teeth that I found went to them; these were the nicer teeth that I keept.  I'm not sure what the ridged thing is directly up from the quarter.  If anyone knows, please let me know.  Thanks.
Update: Several years ago I went to see Dr. John G. Maisey (expert on fossil fish) at the American Museum of Natural History to get some things looked at.  He was very interested in the fish skull that I had.  He determined that the skull was from a fish related to one that comes from the Cretaceous Santana Formation of Brazil.  This would be the first occurence of this type of fish in New Jersey! (might be a new species?)  The small brain case in the picture is a copy that the museum had made; they kept the original. The larger fish is from the Santana Formation of Brazil Vinctifer comptoni.
I had recieved a collection of fossils several months ago and this cool card was in it.
This was a trip that I led 6/18/11 with the  Mid-Hudson Valley Gem & Mineral Society, based in Poughkeepsie, NY.  All Pictures are courtesy of Ernesto Martinez.
The Group: Maggie, Lorraine, April, Colin, Me, Eric.
Collin and Me.
Lorraine and Eric looking for teeth in the screen.
What Ernesto found.
Maggie and April sifting for Fossils.
What I found:  Note the Quartz arrow head.  Not a bad haul.
On 7/9/11, I led a group from and this is what I wound up with.  The snail fossil is a Xenophora sp. Only the second one I've found there.
My friend Mike M. and I went after the Hurricane (9/2/11) to see if there was any change to the stream.  Lots of trees down and the gravel banks have been moved around.  I found around 160 shark teeth and other cool things.  There were several nice size shark teeth (See pict 2) and 1 1/2 Mosasaur teeth.  Also a  LARGE Quartz crystal.  I sometimes find these, but are somewhat small.  This one is a honker!  I also found one uncommon Cretodus borodini tooth.
June 25, 2011 - NOJMS trip to Big Brook - 7 club members attended this trip. It was an awesome day and the weather could not have been any better!  Even after heavy rains the week before, the brook was not running high, and collecting was easy!  Sharks teeth were plentiful this fine day!  Derek collected over 160, Mike M. over 90, and Jeff got 61.  (We were the nerds who actually counted ours)  The other members who attended also went home with their baggies full!  It was a fun day for all and well worth the trip!
This post is from the North Jersey Mineral Society website:
NOJMS members enjoying a great day in Big Brook. L to R are : Jeff Wilson, Alex Paulino, Bob Allen, Mike Farrell, Mike Machette, Dave Matthews and Derek Yoost.
Jeff and Mike hamming it up with a little tooth humor...
Alex, Mike and Derek working the stream bed.
Club member Dave Matthews hard at work scouring for shark teeth.
The find of the day! Mike Machette shows off his Mosasaur tooth, a very rare find in Big Brook!
Jeff's finds! That's a whole plate o'teeth!!