Big Brook
The Place & The People
The Brook
Paulette and Derek
screening the gravil
scanning the gravil bank for teeth
Tony walking back
form a hard days collecting
Peter, Tom & Brother, and Derek in a
collecting party
Anthony and Ron
scanning the banks
Elaine doing the "shark tooth squat"
The Brook in Fall
"Let's see who has the bigger tooth"
Skyler and Derek doing Winter collecting
(Skyler's tooth was bigger)
In Summer, this is the only way to cool down
The equpiment:  Screen & Shovel
Tony shows
his first shark tooth find.
The finds of the day
Skyler and Derek
Edward shows his lucky find of a
Mosasaur vertebra
Cold feet for Barbra as she
demonstrates  the recomended field
attire for the Winter
Now you know why collectors have bad
Peter & Derek screening the gravil