The Reptiles
This chapter deals with the beguiling assortment of teeth, scutes, vertebrae, and other bones of the Late Cretaceous reptiles of
New Jersey. Scrappy reptilian bone usually accounts for most of the bone fragments that are usually found at Big Brook.
Unfortunately, most of the bone material is almost impossible to identify. Only the more complete teeth, scutes, vertebrae, and
other complete bones are able to have a tentative assignment placed on them. The authors have worked closely with the New
Jersey State Museum for the identifications for the material in this chapter. Even though the reptilian material has been studied for
decades, there is still a little confusion and more material needs to be reviewed to develop new or more accurate assignments.

Unfortunately, most of the reptilian teeth are by design very similar in appearance. This causes a problem when it comes to trying
to identify them. The authors have tried to simplify the identification process to aid the reader.
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