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Shark River is located in Monmouth Co. , New Jersey.  The stream cuts through sediments that were deposited during the Late Eocene and Middle Miocene.  This web site is for the aid in identification of the shark teeth and the other fish, reptile, and mammal remains from this site.
Other Neat Stuff
Edward Otte and Derek Yoost screening the gravel for fossils.
Very Common - You can expect to find multiples of these fossils on an average trip.
Common - You can expect to find one or two of these fossils on an average trip.

Less Common - You can expect to find one of these fossils in a few average trips.

Uncommon -
You can expect to find one or two of these fossils in a year of
                    average trips.

Rare - Only one to a handful of these fossils has been found.
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All specimens are in the collections of the author, except where noted.
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I used a US Dime to show scale.  It is 11/16 in or 18 mm in diameter.
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The editor would like to thank the efforts of the following people for which this web site would not be possable:  Edward Otte who is a co-author of this site and all the drawings,, Dave Paris, Barbra Grandstaff, Robert Ramsdell, and Willam Gallager of the New Jersey State Museum, Carl Manning from the AMNH, Diana Tasco for typing.
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