Upper Cretaceous & Teriary Formations of New Jersey Coastal Plain
Cohansey - Cross bedded quartz sand. Coastal conditions. Miocene / Pliocene.

Kirkwood - Light- colored massive to thick bedded micaceous, very coarse quartz sand Inner shelf conditions. Miocene.

Shark River - Glauconitic sand and quartz glauconitic mudstone. A consolidated 1 meter layer lies at the top of the formation. Middle shelf conditions. Eocene

Manasquan - Farmingdale member is mottled, somewhat clayey, medium to coarse, quartz glauconitic sand. Deal member is a thick, slightly glauconitic, clayey, fine grained quartz sand to a clayey, sandy silt. Middle shelf conditions. Eocene.

Vincentown - Massive quartz sand to a quartz limesand. Inner shelf conditions. Paleocene.

Hornerstown - Massive bedded sand and clay that is richly glauconitic. May contain lignite and amber. Middle to outer shelf conditions. Cretaceous to Paleocene.

Monmouth Group - Group of formations consisting of the Mount Laurel, Navesink, Red Bank, and Tinton formations. For group information, see Monmouth group. Cretaceous.
Matawan Group - Group of formations consisting of the Woodbury, Englishtown, Marshalltown, and Wenonah. For group information, see Matawan group.

Magothy - Interbedded dark micaceous silts and clays, light colored sands and occasional sandstone beds. May contain marcasite / pyrite concretions, lignite and amber. Continental to coastal conditions (youngest beds are total marine).

Raritan - Light colored sands and clays. May contain marcasite / pyrite concretions, lignite (fossil wood) and amber. Continental conditions (except the upper most Woodbridge clay member, which is marginal marine).
Tinton - Thick dark gray to brownish gray to reddish brown, medium to coarse, quartz and glauconite sandstone. The only Cretaceous formation that is consolidated in the state. Inner shelf conditions.

Red Bank - Shrewsbury member is a cross-bedded light gray to white to orange-pink and reddish-brown, micacous, fine to medium feldspathic quartz sand. Sandy Hook member is a dark gray, micacous, silty, feldspathic, clayey quartz sand. Inner to middle shelf

Navesink - Thick dark greenish- grey clayey glauconitic sand. Middle to outer shelf conditions.

Mount Laurel - Thinly bedded dark clays and light cross-bedded sands interbedded with massively bedded sands, massive sand beds, bioturbated pebble sand. May contain lignite. Inner to middle shelf conditions.
Wenonah - Massive, gray, poorly sorted clayey and silty, micaceous sand. Inner shelf conditions.

Mashalltown - Dark, silty to clayey, mottled, micacous, quartz, glauconitic sand. May contain marcasite / pyrite concretions, lignite and amber. Middle to outer shelf conditions.

Englishtown - Pure white to yellow, sometimes cross-bedded quartz sand. Coastal conditions.

Woodbury - Dark, massive, micacous, somewhat clayey silt with small amounts of siderite, glauconite, and lignite (fossilized wood). Inner (embayment type) conditions.

Merchantville - Dark, sometimes interbedded glauconitic, micaceous silts and clays. Inner to middle shelf conditions.
Monmouth Group
Matawan Group
* A solid line in between formations denotes a disconformable contact.
A. Continental fluvial (overbank / natural levee) - Raritan, Magothy.
Continental fluvial (river fill / point-bar) - Raritan, Magothy, Englishtown, and Cohansey.
Continental fluvial ("mangrove" swamp, marginal marine) - Raritan.
Continental fluvial (flood basin) -  Raritan, Magothy.
Coastal (beach) - Magothy, Englishtown, Cohansey.
Near-shore deltaic (marginal marine) - Magothy and Englishtown.
Off-shore deltaic (full marine) - Merchantville.
Near-shore marine - Mount Laurel, Red Bank, Vincentown, and Kirkwood.
Inner shelf (embayment) - Woodbury, Marshalitown
Inner shelf (open marine) - Merchantville, Woodbury, Englishtown, Wenonah, Red Bank, Tinton, Vincentown, Manasquan, and Kirkwood.
Middle shelf (open marine) - Merchantville, Marshailtown, Wenonah, Mount Laurel, Navesink, Red Bank,           Hornerstown, Manasquan, and Shark River.
Outer-shelf (open marine) - Marshailtown, Navesink, Hornerstown, and Manasquan.
Basement rock (subsurface) - Pre-Cretaceous formations.
Regions Of Deposition (Cross sectional View)
Of The Continental Shelf
Regions Of Deposition (Aerial View)
Of The Continental Shelf
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